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Jur, Jus, Jud = the law

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Scott Decker
To prove; to offer
The territory or land in which justice and laws are administered and followed
Edward Snowden has left the _________ of the United States and cannot be arrested for his crime.
The ________ that was picked for the Jerry Smith trial was made up of 4 men and 8 women. It was up to them to decide if he was guilty or not.
Fairness; rightfulness
A person chosen to interpret laws, decide on a winner, or settle a controversy
I don't think it is possible for Jerry Smith _______ his actions.
To break the law by lying; to break a formal promise; to break an oath
A group of people sworn to abide by the laws to determine the truth
My cousin spent 4 years going to law school. She graduated and is now a _________.
Jerry Smith ___________ his right to a lawyer when he was arrested.
Jerry Smith's lawyers tried to provide __________ for why he did what he did, but the jury didn't buy it.
The ________ that was in charge of the trial of Jerry Smith passed a sentence of 16.2 years in prison with the opportunity for parole after the first year.
Fairness; rightfulness
To give up rights; to recant
Jerry Smith was convicted of ________ for lying about his involvement in kidnapping a lion from the zoo.
I think that a 16.2 year sentence for Jerry Smith is a ______ outcome given his crime.
An expert in law
Lawful; fair
_________ was served the day Jerry Smith was sentenced for his horrific crime.