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Not Impuzzable Christmas 2015 rpr

Teacher: Pappa Paul
Where everything weighs 1 % less.
This takes one form when spoken and another when written.
In effect, unless you're a psychologist you have little reason to use this word.
Endless commercial (Latin equivalent?)
In days of yore, had Pig's Eye been your destination where would you be today?
Student loan Poem?
Why, no matter how cold the room you always feel warmer in the corner.
Unintentionally inverts the intention
If she gave you 'what for' this is what you got.
If FL is not further from NY than TN what is it?
Substance used in submarine galleys.
Fat Chance
In this game over time is all the time.
Why mountain climbers don't climb above 15,000 feet
SERVES YOU RIGHT means you received this...
Olde remedy for health complaints.
USA's most often sung song
When you have to choose between facing a bull or a buck.
Barnyard Hierarchy.
What it takes to bridge the gap.
What you hear when you put a conch shell to your ear.
Literary wild goose.
Arabic numeral for which there is no Roman equivalent.