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Business Law Chapter 12

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Business Law
Name ______________________
A type of divorce where no grievance is identified. (2 words)
Basis for whatever is earned, inherited, or received as a gift during a marriage remains the property of the spouse who earned it. (3 words)
A situation where divorced couples share the responsibility of raising their children. (2 words)
A legal reason for a no-fault divorce. (2 words)
The termination of a marriage.
The division of the physical and other care of a child between spouses.(2 words)
A situation where married spouses live apart but still have marital rights and obligations.
A court order that cancels a marriage because of a problem that existed from the beginning of the marriage.
Another name for divorce.
A marriage that is canceled due to a refusal to have children or other fraudulent grounds. (2 words)
Money paid by a parent to provide for a dependent child.(2 words)
The crime of being married to more than one person at a time.
A name for states that do not follow English common law when dividing property between divorced spouses.(2 words)
Money paid by the wage earner of the family to the other spouse.
Cancelled marriage that creates no rights or duties to either party.(2 words)