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Abiotic and Biotic Factors of Joshua Tree National Park

Animals with tails with stingers.
A cold blooded reptile usually found in dry places.
These cold blooded lizards love worms and are mostly found in the deserts of California
One of the famous predators of the parks and also in a very famous cartoon.
A type of duck with distinctive multicolored iridescent plumage and red eyes.
What the park is names after.
A slow moving animal that is part of the Testudinidae family.
Found South of Oklahoma, these animals are known to be fast and are also in a famous cartoon.
These amphibians are found in one of the many Anura families.
A scavenging bird of prey.
Without it you would freeze to death.
They can make shelter for animals.
A place where animals can find water.
The layer of gases surrounding the earth.
The ground of the biome.