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plant science/tractor driving

A soil that is correctly balanced with sand, silt and clay
Makes the gas richer in an engine
Potatoes are asexually reproduced this way
Thin white gray material in potting soil that hold water
The major component of soiless soil
If a plant lives for 4 years then dies, it is known as a...
The larger soil sediments in field soil, but smaller than pebbles
Is added to gasoline fuel so it lasts up to 2 years without going bad
The type of electric in the sockets in your home, this room or lights
Electricity that is constantly on, and does not pulse
Both strawberries and spider plants reproduce using these
Used to fuel lawn mowers, chain saws, and weed wackers
White pieces that come from volcanic rock
You push this in on a tractor to take it out of gear
Joining 2 pieces of metal together by melting them
Reproducing a new plant without using egg or sperm
The most expensive way to asexually produce a plant. It takes a few cells and grows them in agar
Raspberries, broccoli, and turnips all belong to this group of plants
This type of plant climbs other plants using tendrils and other stem adaptations without wrapping around it
When potting soil or other soil is "afraid" of water and doesn't easily absorb it when fully dry
These include plants like petunias, tomatoes, marigolds, and peppers
Gives power to a rear rototiller
This type of engine burns fuel with no spark plug, using pressure and heat instead
Will protect you if you wear your seat belt and roll the tractor over
Joining 2 pieces of metal like copper pipes without melting the two metals
When a plant reproduces uses a flower, seed or fruit
The tinniest soil particles, usually makes the soil wet at all time