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Teacher: Mrs. Whiteman
The red-nosed reindeer
Don't throw these at school!!
Children want these for Christmas
"We _____ Kings"
A festive gathering
Peppermint - Candy _____
If you can't write a letter, ___ a picture for Santa
What naughty children are afraid to receive in their stockings
"____ the night before Christmas"
Santa's helpers
A stuffed bear
December Holiday
____ on earth, goodwill to man!
What you do with all those delicious treats at the party!
Pulls a large sleigh
Tall and green
From Me, ___ You!
Ebeneezer Scrooge was visited by 3 ____.
The night before Christmas
Hung by the fireplace
What you do with a Christmas carol
"_____ Bells"
Magical talking snowman (Long before Olaf!!)
"______ Night"
____ Santa, I've been a good person all year.
Round door decoration
Warm drink
Children write these to Santa
Good for kissing under!
Another name for St. Nick
On Dasher, On Dancer...
A holiday song
Falling frozen water
We leave these out for Santa
A rich Holiday drink