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Ryan's Christmas Crossword

Author: Melissa Magyar
I speed up every time I drive by one of these
My minor in college
My biological father’s middle name
Something I tend to use a lot of
My Big Bang Theory hypothesizes that seeing me in sexy lingerie will lead to this
My favorite male actor
Sadler’s Wells, the venue I worked for in London, England promotes this
My summer time obsession
I always have to start my day with this
The next country abroad I would like to visit
My college roommate’s name
One item I try to have available in my purse at all times
Something I wish I could eat every day and not gain weight
A television personality who inspires me
The main character from the children’s book I wrote
One of my favorite movies that inspired a Halloween costume
Something I’m sensitive to
The name of my childhood cat that Janet sent to kitty heaven
My least favorite household chore