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Christmas Puzzle #1 2014

Author: MJ
Next-to-last chemical element alphabetically before zirconium
___ de Triomphe
Exasperated response to "How was your day?"
Score symbol that usually has a stem
Meat-and-vegetable dish
Bit of electromagnetic radiation
7 Up or Pepsi
Did sum work
Person in overalls sucking a piece of straw, stereotypically
Like Zeus and Hera
To the ___ degree
No longer on the air
Unwelcome look
Bowl or boat
Bulgarian or Croat
Like one-word answers
"Amen, brother!"
Sank, as a putt
Food from heaven
Tape machine button abbr.
Atlanta-based carrier
Ancient Roman robes
Polynesian wraps
In ___ of (as a replacement for)
Pinball player's place
Was sick
Precinct wheels
It may be slapped after a joke
Long guitar parts
Writing surface for chalk
Cookie sometimes dunked in milk
Still, in poetry
How some packages arrive, for short
Milan's La ___ opera house
Praiseful poem
One ___ vitamin