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Their Eye Where Watching God

Who does Janie lose her virginity to?
How much money does Janie have in the bank?
Why was she not guilty?
How much land did Logan Kllicks have ?
Who did Nanny want Janie to get married to?
Who is Janie's best friend ?
The men on the muck blame who for Tea Cake's death ?
How does Tea Cake die ?
How does Jody Stark die ?
What does Tea Cake teach Janie how to play ?
What does Tea Cake buy with Janie's money ?
Where do Tea Cake and Janie go to get married ?
Where do Tea Cake and Janie go to get away from the storm?
How does Tea Cake get rabies?
What's the verdict of Janie's trial ?
What is the lake that overflowed called?
How old was Janie when she first married ?
Where is Janie originally from ?
Who is Janie's second husband ?
What happen to Janie's mother ?