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Knibbe Christmas Crossword Craziness!

Years of operation
His mohawk adds unneccessary inches (2 words)
Knibbe's "commercial" vehicle.
Earn your 26-across here (in Calgary)
Like for Free advertising.
Randy, Blair, Fred etc.
Knibbe's customer management system (3 words)
JK Jr's first name.
Machine for forming exhaust.
Spiced winter treat.
Even James can change a pair of these (2 words)
It doesn't eat red snapper.
Home for 24 Across products
Knibbe Slogan gains.
3-down standard bloodtype (2 words)
Most common sedan
Most famous Rangifer Tarandus
Ballet and soldierly ornament
Making delectable coffee for customers.
Knibbe Automotive's Exhausted affiliation
It IS a Christmas movie.
Driving Miss Daisy, and others.
Knibbe's Payroll department.
Rudolph's snowman.
The Dutch No-L
Twisting force that tends to cause rotation
Mobile tool supplier
She has a selfie on her shoulder