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Civil War

THis was the army that was from the North.
A Play that the union soldiers used to defeat the confederates. First they would blockade the ports, then they would gain control of the Mississippi river, lastly they wold win Richmond.
A Small lake or river that leads into a larger body of water
THis was a turning point for the war. It was a great victory for the Confederates.
PEople who didnt like slavery. They wanted to get slavery away. THey fought for slavery to end.
A ship that covered in a layer of iron. Mostly made from wooden ships
SOmeone who fought in the war
An American General who led the Confederate army through the war up until the Confederates surrendered.
A Place where weapons are strored
STate's that are bitterly divided. They had trouble picking which side to be on becuase they had close ties with othe North and South.
THis was the army from the SOuth
A legal write or order that guarantees a prisoner to be heard in court
THis was used by the fugitives of escaping slaves. They hid in it to help them escape.
THis was a battle where Lee and his Confederate army split up into 4 parts to try to trick the Union. But one of the plans was found by a Union soldier, so they new the plan and it was a horrible loss for the Confederates.
Beginng battle of the war.
THe action of withdrawing from something. The Confederates wanted to leave or succeed from the Union
A Soldier who is dead or badly wounded in a battle
TO work actively toward a goal. For example Abraham Lincoln did this to help him become president of the union
SOmeone who has escaped slavery. They sometimes would use the Underground Railroad to help them escape
A Strategy of not just targeting th enemy but their land and cattle too