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Congruent Christmas

Author: Olivia Sabo
An angle that is equal to 90°
A plane shape (two-dimensional) with straight sides
Green plant we cut down and decorate for Christmas
An angle of less than 90°
The same shape and size
A jolly fat man that wears a red suit
A path that keeps going in both directions forever
The distance around a two-dimensional shape
Two angles whose sum is 180°
The outer surface or part
A point where two or more straight lines meet
A measure of how much space there is on a flat surface
Red and white peppermint candy
Line segment that bisects one of the vertex angles of a triangle
We receive and give these on Christmas morning
Whipped dairy Christmas beverage
Two angles that have a common vertex and a common side
The line where two surfaces meet
Lying in the same straight line
The point that is halfway between the endpoints of the line segment
Lines that lie on the same plane
A point, segment, line, or plane that divides a line segment into two equal parts
Reindeer with a red nose who saved Christmas
Two rays with a common endpoint that point in opposite directions and form a straight line
Snow-covered Christmas
The point where two lines meet or cross
The bottom line of a shape
The amount of space an object occupies
Frozen water that falls from the sky during wintertime
We hang these circle-shaped Christmas plant on our front
Green beast who stole Christmas