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English Culture 01

– idiom – Not keep a promise or do what we are told to do.
– Slang / n. – Affection, kissing, love.
– n. – The person or team that is expected to lose the fight or contest.
– n. – Condition, case, circumstances.
– slang – Don’t make me wait for you.
– idiom – I can tell what you are feeling by looking at the expression on your face.
– n. – A soft fabric of silk or nylon. Often times colored red.
– n. – A person who leave a party or cause (usually political or religious belief) for another cause or party. An outlaw or rebel.
– n. – Someone who is the first to do something or go somewhere. An adventurous person.
– idiom – A little at a time and slowly.
– idiom – To promise something but not do it. To say something you don’t really mean.
– v. – To leave something completely and finally, to give up something.
– idiom – Children grow up to be like their parents.
– n. – A state on the west coast of the USA. Known for its sunny weather and beaches.
– n. – A polite, sensitive and kind man.
– idiom – To have someone keep their promises and learn to trust again.
– n. – Sharing the feelings of another person, especially in sadness.
A famous movie director, considered one of the best film directors in history.
– adj. – In error, wrong.
– n. – Loud and happy party.