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Algebra Terms

A fixed value that does not change
Terms that only differ in their numerical coefficients
Any of the symbols <, >, ≤, or ≥.
A set of y values of a function or relation.
The number that is placed in front of a variable
An equation to the second degree, it contains at least one term that is squared
A relation where each number of the domain corresponds to exactly one number of the range.
Operations that alter the form of a figure.
Describes a geometric figure or a graph consisting of two parts that are congruent to each other.
Graphed as a straight line.
A function with a graph that is symmetric with the y-axis
A set of x values of a function or relation.
A function with a graph that is symmetric with the origin.
A symbol we assign to an unknown value
Fraction that contains an algebraic expression, either as a numerator or denominator
A number that must be multiplied times itself to equal a given number.
Two variables are ______ if their ratio is constant.
Made up of one or more terms
Two expressions separated by an equal sign
Amount of distance between the number and its origin (usually zero)