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Brooke Gustafson Spelling Crossword

Teacher: Busby
My sister tried to _____ giving my parents her report card.
I was trying to _____ my family with my juggling skills.
My favorite subject in school is _____.
I was _____ in the talent show!
I _____ about my friends all the time.
My big sister caused a _____ when she knocked over the Christmas tree.
I made a _____ for our trip to Disneyland.
My cousin always makes an _____ when he gets caught cheating in games.
My brother thinks he is a great _____.
On Christmas Eve I heard someone _____, "Ho, Ho, Ho" from the roof of my house.
My class says the _____ every morning.
I write in my _____ everyday.
I think my friend is planning a _____.
I had to _____ my cat when she wouldn't stop meowing.
I think I did _____ on my test.
We were excited to ride our _____ at the beach.
I love to _____ the forest.
I think people that are _____ are wrong!
There was a delicious _____ coming from the cookies!
The Eifle Tower is _____!
We learned that _____ is a country, not a state.
I think _____ goes very good with sushi.
My dad made me laugh when he did his _____ man pose.
My friend ate berries and got a rash. She must have been _____.
My little sister caused a _____ on the TV.