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6th Grade Chapter 4: Ancient Egypt & Nubia Sections 1 & 2

A statue or other free-standing piece of art made of clay, stone, or other materials.
A structure with triangular sides.
A king of Ancient Egypt.
A skilled worker who practices a handicraft.
Study of the structure of the body and its organs.
A body that has been preserved so it will not decompose.
Symbol that stands for a word, idea, or sound.
An Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled during the Old Kingdom. He, his son, and grandson are all buried within the Great Pyramids of Giza.
Group of rocky rapids that can be found within the Nile River.
An Ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was known for being one of the few women to rule Egypt. She was known for often dressing like a man, and creating trade in East Africa with a land called Punt for wood, ivory, gold, and perfumes. She was also known for avoiding wars as a way to save money.
A series of rulers from the same family.
An Ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was known for building more monuments than any other pharaoh. He was also known for waging wars in Canaan and Syria.
A government run by religious power.
A writing surface similar to paper named after the papyrus reed that grew along the Nile River in Ancient Egypt.
A system of hired government officials who carry out government rules and regulations.
A flat plain formed on the seabed where a river deposits material over many years.
The longest river in the world. The Ancient Egyptians depended on its annual flooding in order to be able to produce fertile land for farming.