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Science Review

Plant organ where glucose is made.
Organism with no nucleus
Plant system that includes the stem and leaves.
Organism with a nucleus
Plant organ that absorbs nutrients and water.
Connects bone to bone
Connects bone to muscle
Creates energy for the cell
The small sacs at the end of the bronchioles where gas is exchanged.
Small opening on the leaves that allow for respiration.
Involuntary movement of pushing food down the esophagus
Organ of the nervous system; "The highway" for messages
Organism with only one cell
Long tube that connects the mouth with the stomach
Intestine that absorbs water.
The protective ends of bones
A group of tissues working togehter
Heat energy
Digestion that uses other substances to break down food. ex. saliva
Root system that is usually in dry areas in need of water.
Male reproductive cell
Stores water and other nutrients for the cell
Intestine that absorbs nutrients and passes it to the circulatory system.
Stores DNA; brain of the cell
Female reproductive cell
Part of the digestive system that gets rid of waste
Organism with multiple cells
muscles that control the digestive system; involuntary
System that controls all other systems
The bronchi branching off into smaller sections
Part of the plant in charge of reproduction.
Plant organ that transports water and nutrients
A group of cells working together
Muscle that contracts and relaxes during breathing.
Cell of the nervous system
When the trachea branches off into two parts
The heart muscle; involuntary