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Semester 1 Geography Terms

A tract of land surrounded by water
A neck or narrow strip of land by which two continents are connected or a peninsula is united to the mainland
An arm of the sea, extending into land; smaller than a gulf, larger than a creek
The top or crown of a hill
A body of water interspersed with many islands
The edge or margin of the land next to the sea
A narrow hollow with steep, rocky sides worn by a stream or torrent of water
An extensive wood; a large tract of land covered by trees
Soft, wet ground covered with grass or other plants
A flowing or passing of water; a stream
A ridge that determines the direction water drains for adjacent water systems
A smaller stream running into a larger one or proceeding from it
A small vale with woods
A ring-shaped coral reef, island, or set of small islands surrounding a lagoon
A port where ships can moor
The line that terminates the view when extended on the surface of the earth
The distance of a place on the globe; north or south of the equator
A deep natural hollow place in the earth, deeper than a cave
An artificial cut or passage for water, used for transportation
A small inlet or bay; a recess in the sea shore
An arm of the sea; the mouth of a river or lake where the tide meets the current
A long, narrow, deep valley formed by glacial erosion and flooded by ocean water