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Science Crossword Puzzle

To chemically change something
The opposite of a liquid
The degree of compactness of something
A colorless fluid found in blood, lymph, or milk
The chemical reaction processed by causing the release of heat
A chemical process where a solid turns into a gas the internal energy of an object due to kinetic energy
A physical substance in general
The amount of space something takes up
The pressure of liquid turning into gas
The opposite of freezing point
The conversion of a solid or liquid into a gas
Down a chemical reaction that is accompanied by the absorption of heat
The strength and vitality required for sustained physical activity
The action of deposing something
Able to be dissolved
Expansion of heat through an object
Able to dissolve other substances
To physically change something
The body theory that explains the physical properties of matter
Water that collects as droplets on a cold surface
The opposite of boiling point
A mixture the process of liquid changing into a gaseous state
Dissolved in the solvent
The opposite of a solid
The gravitational pull on something
The amount of matter in something