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Their Eyes Were Watching God

What game does Tea Cake teach Janie how to play?
How does Tea Cake plan on getting back the money?
Nanny catches Janie kissing who outside the house?
Where does Janie go when Tea Cake dies ?
What does Tea Cake get bitten by?
Who does Janie first get married to?
What does Tea Cake buy with the money ?
Where do Tea Cake and Janie go after the attack in Jacksonville?
Who does Pheobe say Janie should marry?
What is Janie looking for in marriage ?
Janie's home town
Where does Janie and Tea Cake move to and get married?
How much money does Tea Cake take from Janie ?
Janie is a better what then Tea Cake?
Why does Mrs. Turner not like Tea Cake?
Who does Janie meet and get remarried to?
What does Janie become after Joe's death?
What does the doctor say Tea Cake has?
What does Tea Cake do to prove his dominance over Janie?