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Music Appreciation Vocab Sem 1

Teacher: Catherine Van Winkle
Music of today
Distinct quality of instrument or voice
Singing without instruments
Music for small ensembles in Classical times
Performer with flawless technique
Question and answer pattern
Intermediate male range
Hearing related
Emotional response to listening
Focused and careful listening
One who studies cultures and customs
Structure of a composition
Highest ladies voice
Art music
High male voice
Deliberate shifts of accent to conflict with steady beat
Form of expression in a musical genre
In unison with everyone on the same pitch
Intermediate female range
Highness or lowness of sound
Spontaneous musical invention
Division of beats separated by a bar line
Steady pulse
One who studies the culture of music
Informal music for group or region
Parts enter at different times, but have the same melody
Background listening
Particular type of music with a special sound
How a certain number of beats are grouped together
Uses of music for a group of people of one culture
Series of tones arranged in raising and lowering pitches
Rhythmic pattern used for multiple drums
To think sound
Emphasis on musical sound
Lowest male voice