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Civil War

Answer Sheet
Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri, What do all these states have in common?
A person running away from legal authority
the action of withdrawing from a membership of a federation.
What did the Anti-Slavery Whigs become known as?
Who was the president of the U.S at the time of the war?
Army for the south
Army for the north
What strategy did the North use during Shermans march to sea
Lincoln issues the ___________ Proclamation on January 1, 1863.
Battle that started it all
First State to secede from the Union
What is it called when a soldiers are killed, wounded, captured, or missing?
General that led confederate soldiers in the battle of Gettysburg
Was a female spy, and was a leader in the Underground Railroad during the civil war.
This battle put the North on track for gaining control of the Mississippi River. They had a narrow win and both sides suffered many losses.