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A Christmas Carol

by Kate Becker
Amusing or humorous.
Lacking food, clothes, or shelter.
To be sullenly ill-humored.
To be glad or joyful.
Generous actions to help the poor, sick, or helpless.
To present as a gift; to give; to apply use to something.
A house of correction.
Brilliant, splendid, illustrious.
To share one's feelings with another, especially with sadness or grief.
To be treated unfairly.
An act of kindness or a charitable gift.
Keen, piercing, malicious.
Pertaining to or concerned about the needs of others.
To show compassion or pity towards others.
Pleasing in nature; agreeable.
A verse or stanza of a song or poem.
A very plentiful supply; an over sufficient quantity.
Indicating evil or harm.
Causing gloom or dreariness; sinister
To influence by trickery; mislead.
A supply or stock of something needed.
Greedy; desirous of possessions.
The health, happiness, and well-being of a person, group, or organization.
A refraining from something.
An amount greater than needed.