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Christmas Youth Party

Reinder name that rhymes with Connor
Jesus's earthly father
Lets you see what was in the past
Santas wifey
This is Fritz's favorite reindeer
Be in the now
The love reindeer
Buddy's love
Santa's human elf
A crippled boy with a big heart
The prettiest reindeer
Tiny Tim's dad
The fastest reindeer
This reindeer is from outer space
Had no spare rooms
A magical snowman
Helps you see what is to come
This reindeer had a red nose
Left his flock to follow the north star to baby Jesus
A tree you decorate at Christmas
Jesus' earthly mother
A stingy old man
A baby born on Christmas Day - come to save the world
The evil ruler in Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
This reindeer loves to perform ballet
The girl that melts the Grinch's heart
He can make it snow
A reindeer who likes to walk in a fancy way
Brought gifts to baby Jesus
A green grouch