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Calculus Terms

A point of _________ happens at the point where the function changes concavity.
Describes whether a curve looks like a u or an n.
As inputs approach some value, the value that the outputs approach is the _________.
The area between a curve and the x axis.
A ___________ function is either strictly increasing or strictly decreasing along its domain.
Another way to say 'has a derivative.'
A relation where every x-value has only one corresponding y-value
Another way to say 'rate of change' at a given point along a continuous function.
A line that hits a curve at the point where the slope of the curve is equal to the slope of the line.
Any set of ordered pairs.
A line that hits a curve at the point where the slope of the curve is perpendicular to the slope of the line.
Notation for a function that comprises all the slopes over the function y.
the x values when f'(x) = 0 or f'(x) is undefined are the function's ______________.
These points can be found to be global or local.
A function is ______ if you don't have to lift your pen to draw it.
△y / △x.
An approximation of the area under a curve using the addition of rectangular areas.
A line that connects two points on a curve.
The set of independent variables, or inputs, for a given function or relation
A set of numbers where any number between them is also part of the set.