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English 112- Reading Quiz- Books 16 & 17

Odysseus enters his home as a...
She appears to Odysseus to tell him that he is safely home.
Odysseus tells that it is not princely to be swept with wonder....
Sends Odysseus home
Telemachus thinks that the visitor in the hut is one of these!
They are plotting to kill Telemachus
Odysseus' dog
Telemachus asks Eumaeus about?
Telemachus doubts that the visitor is his...
Asks to speak to the beggar
Turns Odysseus into a stately King
Odysseus fails to recognize this
She advises Telemachus to stay with the swineherd for the night.
Has returned home after being away and is happily greeted by Eumaeus
One who cares for the animals and the pigs
Athena does this to Odysseus in this book
? and darkness closed the eyes of Argos
Telemachus travels here to find his father