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Baseball(Note: same as football puzzle)

Pitcher who helped win the 2004 World Series with a bloody sock
Number of teams in the MLB
Which month the last game of the season is played on the first sunday of
Pitcher who supposedly threw a no hitter while high on LSD
City of first established MLB team
Second food item mentioned in the song(two words)
Founder of the MLB
Current single season homerun record holder
Field the Twins play in
How many World Series the Twins have won
First food item mentioned in the song
Number of teams in each league
How many World Series to date
Catcher who cost the Red Sox the World Series in 1986
Center fielder for the Twins who died in 2006
Current Commissioner of baseball
President and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 40's
Which month the first game of the season is played on the first sunday of
Nickname for Harmon Killebrew
Number of games in the world series