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Merry Christmas Family!

The Christerson's, The Cryers, The Rea's and the....
The all around Sportsman
She should move to IL and organize a home here.
The smartest gal around and pretty too.
Bestest Smile Ever
Loves Horses
Has a stepmom with the feminine of my Name
The volunteer in the family
The blondest of them all
The Healthiest Chocoholic ever!
The Most Creative
The Musican
The Sub Teacher you would like to have
The most organized
11 letters in this name
Road Trip Anyone?
The Photographer
The Brewmeister
Unmerited favor of God.
Lives in England
Newest Mom
Forever the Baby
Reading if not playing
RN to be
ER worker
Loves Zombies
Looks just like Mom
The king of video games.
The Braces Girl
The Principle
The best and prettiest Gymnist
Johnson & Johnson Baby
The Fisherman
A Freshman before and a freshman again
Puppy Heart
Speed Racer's Trixie
Is that an organ music I hear?
The collector and Conductor
insurance ???'S
Curly Sue
Speed Racer
Can fix Anything
The Lady who found her great shape!
Snow/Water Skier
Rn of the Lifetime
Jeep Girl
Loves snakes and Bugs. YUCK!
Yo Teach!
Sorry ,Charming ,Chaplin
Looks like Dennis the Menes but doesn't act like him
Erika's Middle Name
The newest Volleyball player
The most funnest little girl ever!
"your freaking me out!
The hostest with the mostest
Is is Nema or....?