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Fear of spiders
The First stage of grief as described by Kübler-Ross
The first needs in Maslow's original hierarchy of needs
Compulsion to be alone
a situation in which neither the experimenters nor the participants know which of the participants have received certain treatments and/or placebos. Both the experimenters and the participants are unaware of the particulars in the experiment.
The fear of clowns called
Fear of heights
Abnormally excessive egotism
Fear of Strangers/Foreigners/Aliens
The desire to eat strange things that are non-nutritive
In psychoanalysis, this term refers to when a patient directs his or her emotions for someone else (such as love or hatred for a parent) towards the therapist.
This term refers to our ability to improve or enhance our performance of well learned tasks when in the presence of others.
Irresistible craving to drink alcohol
Fear of confined spaces
Gymnophobia is the fear of what?
The father of psychoanalysis
The psychological test of human emotions and personality, using inkblots
Compulsion for open spaces
This procedure was once commonly used to treat violent or uncontrollable patients. It involved severing the nerves between the frontal lobes of the brain