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12th Grade Vocab Term 2

Comfort in a time of stress
Something that kills pain
Overly arrogant
A character or concept that is identifiable: a prototype
Lecture at length
The feelings associated with a word
Small flaw
To refrain
Spoken or done without preparation
Persuade by flattering or gently teasing
A central character who lacks conventional heroic qualities
Exhaustion from boredom
When two sentences of contrasting meaning are placed next to each other
Something that marks the approach of something else
To make less severe
Shock or excite
From the gut
To publicly humiliate
Moral corruption
Flippant: treating serious issues inappropriately
Profane talk of holy things
Bad tempered
Carried out with minimum effort
Clumsy unskilled
A noisy disturbance
When a speaker addresses an object/concept that is unable to respond
Remove blame or guilt for wrongdoing
Formal release of guilt
Acting quickly without thought
Not revealing one's thoughts or feelings
Lacking inspiration
The highest point
Lacking taste or class
A character that stays the same throughout the story