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Psychology Game #1

This psychologist believed that people are basically good and are endowed with self-actualizing tendencies.
Binge-Purge eaters have this
The basic building block of the nervous system
Therapy conducted with two or more people rather than individuals.
One of the biggest basic needs that causes stomach pains.
Human’s capacity to learn new behaviors that enable us to cope with ever changing experience.
The tendency to respond to similar stimuli once a response has been conditioned
Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea & Night terrors are examples of....
Repression, Reaction formation. Denial, Projection are.....
The book used for classifying psychological disorders.
Linking two events that occur close together is known as ______ learning.
One of human's biggest external pulls and biggest incentives to do things.
This is something that decreases behavior and needs to be consistent, strong and immediate. This also has the side effect of fear.
This can cut life short and affect how you are treated and feel about yourself. It is influenced by genes, gender and culture.
A Research Method that reveals cause and effect
This is anything that increases a behavior
The need for achievement, competence and independence is called ____ needs.
The psychologist known for his “bell, food and dog” experiment.
The psychologist behind Operant Conditioning
A test created by Hermann Rorschach used to let people describe what they see in a series of this:
Our automatic response to stimuli
Aristotle called us " _____ animals" as humans feel the need to belong.
The feeling of the world being organized and predictable are ____ needs.
Once this is done to a person they are viewed differently, they create preconceptions that guide our perceptions and interpretations.
It passes messages away from the cell body to other neurons.
An eating disorder that typically begins as weight loss but the person drops beyond a normal amount of weight.
Failing to notice changes in the environment.
A mental health professional with a medical degree who can prescribe medication.
A theory based prediction.
An anxiety disorder in which a person has lingering memories, nightmares, etc. from a life threatening event
A Research method that examines one individual in depth hoping to reveal things true of us all.
A need or desire that energizes and directs behavior
An anxiety disorder in which a person is troubled by repetitive thoughts or actions.
Neurotransmitters that influence the perception of pain and pleasure.
Caffeine, Nicotine, Cocaine & Methamphetamine are examples of.....
This type of reinforcement offers a pleasant reward.
A complex behavior that is rigidly patterned through out a species and is unlearned as called by Charles Darwin
This type of reinforcement takes away an unpleasant stimulus as a reward.
A pill given to a control group that contains no medication.
An anxiety disorder in which a person is intensely irrationally afraid of a specific object or situation.
According to Freud this is the unconscious part of the brain that strives to satisfy sexual and aggressive drives.