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Mid-Year Science Vocab 7th grade

Highest point of a wave.
Describes how long a wave is.
Large landmass on Earth's surface 245 million years ago.
Travels through space to warm the earth
Younger rocks lie above older rocks.
Convection currents in this layer make plates move.
Time need for an isotope to decay.
Formed from high temperature and pressure.
Scientist study the amounts of parent and daughter isotopes to date a sample.
Due to overgrazing, plowing, and erosion, and other poor farming methods.
Transfer of heat by liquids or gases
Moves from warm object to cold object.
Heat moves by direct contact
Measure of how far particles in the medium move away from their rest position.
Objects look bent or broken when part of it is underwater due to this.
Beaches, deltas, and sand dunes are created by this process.
Forms from cooling magma and lava.
Results in earthquakes.
Organized in the EM Spectrum by frequency and wavelength.
Outer most layer of Earth.
Results in ocean ridges and valleys.
Removal of trees from an area.
Neutron is converted to a proton, with release of an electron.
Sliding of the plates on the Earth's mantle.
Measure of the amount of energy in a object.
Breaks down rocks into fragments called sediment.
Tells you how much energy a wave has.
Center of our planet.
Magma injected into rock and then cools.
Results in volcanoes, mountains.
When light bounces of an objects surface.
Landslides, sandstorms, and desertification are a result of this.