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Christmas Crossword

Capital of the Confederacy
This guy burned Atlanta
__________ calling birds,
What right did the 15th Amendment give slaves
This statement by Lincoln, freed the slaves in states that were in rebellion
This was a person from the South who sided with the White Republicans
What river did the North want to gain control of?
__________ Diplomacy was how the South attempted to negotiate with Europe because they thought Europe would want their main crop
The election of 1876 marked the beginning of Rutherford B. Hayes' term as president but the end of _____________
Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware were all___________ states
Elvis thinks his Christmas will be _________
Johnson kept doing this to legislation and members of Congress were getting very mad
This legislation, in 1867, set up the Federal occupation of the South in military districts
Lincoln suspended this when he locked up pro-Confederate forces in Maryland
How many hundreds of dollars could Northern draftees pay to get out of fighting in the war
My Mamma is a ho, she was doing this to Santa ____________
This type of warfare was established by Grant and Sherman and was intended to broaden the war to directly affect the citizens - destroying everything in its path
This was the North's plan to slowly put a stranglehold on the South
Group of Republicans in Congress that wanted harsh punishment for the South and total freedom for former slaves
The Grinch had this for Christmas dinner
She shouldn't have had so much _________, we begged her not to go
Founded in 1867, this groups main goal was to stop black people from voting
Population of the _______ was 22 million at the time of the Civil War
Lincoln's cabinet didn't always agree with him, they were a team of _________
Which side won many of the early battles?
This group was established to help rebuild the south. it had the most success in establishing schools
President _________ of the Confederacy
This battle started the war
Aka slaves who escaped to the North during the war and were in the possession of the Northern troops
This happened in 1873 with a huge economic down turn
Who won the election of 1864?
The 14th Amendment made former slaves _________
They won't be having this if they really have to build the wall
Turning point in the war -- General Lee invaded the North but ultimately lost
Northerners who came down south to help with reconstruction
He became president after Johnson -- everyone loved him
Aka the Merricmac or the Monitor
This is where Lee surrendered to Grant
Whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch, I'm too much!
The 13th Amendment ended ______
Of course he's fat, he eats so many _________
_______ codes were passed right after the Civil War, before reconstruction started.