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A Balvin Christmas Puzzle

It was fun watching Carlos play baseball this spring. He often played ? base
Barbara started a new job on April 4. She works in accounts ?
With diligent practice, Carlos scored ? marks during his piano festival
Always remember you are loved by ?
It was a proud moment when Carlos was ? server at church
Carlos enjoyed singing with the school chorus. They sang songs by the ?
We went "glamping" with friends at ? national park
Bruce's ? lives about 20 minutes from us. We enjoy spending time with Gabbi.
We enjoyed our spring break in ?
? grade keeps Carlos (and mom) busy with homework and book reports
The cub scouts walked in the Manassas Christmas parade wrapped as ?
Bruce volunteered to be Popcorn ? for the cub scouts.
Carlos traveled for 5 ? from San Antonio to Nebraska to Dallas for summer vacation
The family loves going to see the pros play baseball. Too bad it's the ? not the Rangers.
? was a scary experience with Carlos dressed up as a confederate mummy
Barbara helps before school teaching the kids how to "check mate" during ? club
Barb's parents (Vic and MaryAnn) visited in October. Bruce and Vic ran the ? 10miler
Carlos was having trouble reading the boards at school. He now wears ?
The scouts sold ? $10,000 in popcorn. Go scouts
Bruce has joined a Van Pool and ? to work
Bruce is in his 3rd year with the National Guard Bureau located in ? Virginia
Bruce and Barb enjoy watching Carlos dribble during a ? camp in February
You are always in our thoughts. Love the ?
The scouts entered a "Cub car" in the yearly Cubmobile race. Their car was so slow it won the ? award
Bruce and Carlos enjoyed father/son time for a week at Camp Goshen in ?
May you be blessed this ? season
Carlos celebrated his annual birthday sleepover with 8 friends. He turned ?
Carlos couldn't have more fun with Cousin Gabbi at a ?. They play video games, build forts, and have nerf gun fights.
Bruce's ? visited us for Thanksgiving with her family. Carlos loves playing with Cole and Chad
Bruce, Barbara and Carlos started off the year with a tour of the ? House