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Child Psychology

Which approach is Hall and Gesell associated with?
According to Berk (2009), children go through a series of stages where they confront conflicts between biological drives and social expectations. How the conflicts are resolved will determine the individual's ability to get along with others, learn, and to cope with anxiety. What perspective does this refer to?
Piaget's theory of mental development is divided into:
There are many branches of psychology. Which branch is the branch of psychology devoted to the study of changes in behavior and abilities over the course of development?
What is known as the ability to adapt effectively in the face of threats to development?
During which of Freud's Psychosexual stages of development do people repress all interest in sexuality?
According to Piaget, at what age do children begin to systematically generate and test hypotheses?
Turning an infant's head toward pressure on their cheek is known as:
What is the outermost layer of Bronfenbrenner's model consisting of cultural values, laws, customs, and resources?
The "Strange Situation" laboratory procedure tests attachment between primary caregiver and child. During the procedure, the primary caregiver moves in and out of an unfamiliar room leaving the child alone and/or with a stranger. The child's response during each phase of the test indicates their attachment to the primary caregiver. What famous researcher developed this laboratory procedure?
In Erikson's Psychosocial Stage Theory he says that each developmental stage of life consists of a crisis that must be overcome. How many stages does he outline in this theory?
In Harlow's famous "attachment experiments", which substitute mother did baby monkeys stay close to?
which type of child's play is the most cognitively complex?
Where did Piaget obtain most of his data for his theory of mental development?
At what age do children typically begin "the babbling phase" of speech development?