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West Africa

These types of resources are products of nature that have economic value
Musa made this city a center for Islamic learning and scholarship
This type of history is kept by passing stories down by word of mouth from one generation to the next
The African continent has always been rich in this
Musa's excessive spending in Cairo upset their economy for years, causing this to happen
This covers most of Northern Africa except for the Nile Valley and along the Mediterranean coastline
The division of jobs and skills in a society
A fertile region with limited and unpredictable rainfall along the southern edge of the Sahara
Members of a new Muslim religious movement in North Africa who invaded Ghana and captured their capital in 1050 CE
The main river of West Africa
One of the greatest travelers and historians of all time, who visited Mali and was very impressed by it
By the 1300s, this empire covered an area about the size of Western Europe
It was said that Musa's caravan carried some two tons of this
The "Hungering Lion"
This was so valuable, it could be used as currency
Archeologists have found that West Africans were making this type of tool by 350 BCE
A broad grassland with scattered trees
Mansa Musa ruled Mali for this many years
The part of Africa that lies south of the Sahara
Merchants from Ghana conducted this type of bartering system
Mali's most famous Muslim ruler
Kings collected this from the gold-salt trade and became very rich
The "Sorcerer King"
About 6,000 years ago, this began to get drier
As populations grow, people need to organize this to to keep order
A highland area of fairly flat land
Unlike Ghana, Mali adopted this religion
Brought to Africa from Arabia, this became the primary mode of transportation across the Sahara