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Biology: DNA/Genetics Crossword

The passing on of physical or mental characteristics genetically from one generation to another.
The condition of having more than the typical number of fingers or toes.
In Latin, means "daughter"
Collection of all of an organism's physical characteristics.
In Latin, means "son"
Another name for Mendel's first law
The study of biological inheritance patterns and variation in organisms.
The mating of two organisms.
Refers to the genetic makeup of a specific set of genes.
All of an organism's genetic material.
Distinguish characteristics that are inherited like eye color, tail length, etc.
Two of the same alleles at a specific locus.
Two different alleles at a specific locus.
The "address" that tells where a gene is located on a chromosome.
The allele that is expressed when two different alleles are present.
Type of organism whose ancestors are genetically uniform.
The allele that is only expressed when two copies are present.
"The father of Genetics"
Your cells have two of these for each gene.
Piece of DNA that provides instructions to a cell to make a certain protein.