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World War Two Crossword

Code name used to refer to the amphibious assault on the beaches of Normandy.
The Communist Dictator of Russia during WWII.
A group of Native Americans who helped in the war effort by encoding messages and relaying them to the allies.
The alliance consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan.
The President of the United States during the outbreak of WWII.
The trials held to determine the crimes of the Axis Powers and what the proper punishment would be.
The group of nations headed by the U.S. and Britain.
"The Day that will live in infamy."
An extreme right wing government led by a dictator.
The Facist leader of Germany during World War Two.
The Supreme Commander of the Japanese forces for much of WWII.
A regime that establishes complete political, social, and cultural control over their subjects.
The President whose decision it was to drop the atomic bombs on Japan.
The Prime Minister of Britain During the entirety of WWII.
The tactic that the Germans used in WWII to great success.