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Math 2 Honors Vocabulary Crossword

Danielle Hinton
All the values that enter a function
Two variables that share the same product to make it constant
The longest side of an isosceles right triangles
Number under radical sign
Sets of lines that are the same distance apart that never touch
Type of triangle to make one angle 90 degrees
Something when two figures that are the same size and shape
Shows what kind of root it is
Relationship with triangles involving their sides and angles
Opposite and hypotenuse ratio for right triangles
Opposite over adjacent ratio for right triangles
Real and imaginary numbers
Part of a line segment dividing it into two equal halves
Two angles that form 180 degrees
An angle that is below the horizon line
Original figure
Two angles to form 90 degrees or a right angle
Transformed figure
An angle that is above the horizon line
Output of function