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Christmas Cryptic

JD and AB
Drip east after feast, not a party vibe (7)
Finely spray French digit for a stolen kiss (9)
Sweet spice or red roll (11)
Old you a positive acclamation (3)
First Dutch American youth in sunshine (3)
Not after Him! (1.1.)
Topless gang, the Spanish 99 are sweet and good (7)
A story teller's preposition not sleeping, working (4)
Bond's boss after marsupial jargon but there was none on the first Christmas (4)
Long distance greeting they say or a soft bed? (3)
Decorate atop a boat, time laughs two ways - it's fifty-fifty in the South (4,3,5)
"At this time, hell is not hot" said the angels (6)
After Christ, Gina's love is to revere (5)
Playing for time with mixed beans (4)
Wager hot, the French Lord starts moaning - going home for the count (9)
Monarch ape's first name (4)
Rotund baptist, edge not out they say surrounding that maid (5,3,6)
Rad God extends love within (4)
Turn moving picture into adjective, moron that we all love (5,7)
Old man is a worker in South Africa (5)
Affectionate girl overtly hides popular German (6)
And 20 Down: Two girls prickle and poison obscure carol (3,5,3,3,3)
"Quiet Charles" the queen's appeal (6)
Sounds like Kevin loves Labor's basic substances pulling sleigh (7)
They say missing who, what, why, where declaims girlie good king (9)
Arrived and started late on a desert ship (5)
Popular northern queen holds the castle's heart for the proprietor (9)
See 5 down
Search for horrified noise after silent start (4)
Boiled bones and a mixed spirit; they can all get stuffed! (8)
Sacred prostitute got 50 years (4)
Mother flips sweet potato right in the middle (4)
Mother, soldier, sorcerers (4)
Wrap and rags, good boy be happy (4)
Loud multilateralism and enjoyment (3)