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A Christmas Carol

Mr. Cratchit's first name
This ghost cannot speak
Scrooge's old boss who loves Christmas
Marley's chains are made of these
Cratchit's oldest son's name
Are scared to Scrooge at the beginning of the play
The day that Marley died
The little girl rings this
One of the children that come with The Ghost of Christmas Present
The time when the ghosts will visit
One of Scrooge's servants
Scrooge's business partner's name
The author of "A Christmas Carol"
The other child under The robes of The Ghost of Christmas Present
Scrooge says this all the time
A trait belonging to Scrooge after he changes
The number of spirits who visit Scrooge, not including Marley
Scrooge's nephew
A trait belonging to Scrooge before he changes
Scrooge buys this for the Cratchit family at the end
The little girl stood for this
The place where poor people go to work
The day when Scrooge is a changed man
Cratchit's daughter's name
This ghost looks like Fezziwig
Scrooge's sister
The emotion Scrooge feels at the end of the play
This ghost looks like a child's doll
Cratchit's youngest child who is very ill
The city where the play takes place