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90s Pop Culture Fun

Name of main character in 90s movie, ____ Gump
Game that involved using a slammer to knock over game pieces, plural
90210 hangout spot (2 wds)
2 wds, name of Homer'sblue haired mother
Popular MTV show, TLR stands for that? 3 wds
Name of late show host (2 wds)
Band attributed to making grunge music mainstream
Rapper prodigy of Dr. Dre
2 wds, what did the Little Ceasars guy say in the commercials?
2 wds, original British girl group that promoted girl power
Name of TMNT master
2 wds, Nickelodeon game show where participants were punished with slime
Plural, type of bands that became incredibly popular in late 90's, mostly for pre-teen females
Company that famously reminded the public "be kind, rewind"
2 wds, sitcom that featured two FBI agents investigating all things strange
Term for wearing jeans low
Show that Claire Danes and Jared Leto get their start on (4 wds)
(2 wds) Grunge rocker who's music was partially blamed for the violence of Columbine
First name of notorious Bill Clinton mistress
Moody, monotone female cartoon character