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Earth with out art is just "eh"

Object that holds a painters artwork
Object Michael added to the horizon on his palm tree, sunset painting (abrv)
Woodsy area, and first place Michael and Kristel painted together (2 wds)
This Dutch artist created the famous painting "Starry Night"
Fast drying, water soluble paint type (2 wds)
Which famous 1950's film star did Pop artist Andy Warhol make more portraits of than any other? 2 wds
Orange, green and purple are examples of these types of colors
First name of famous splatter paint artist
Red, yellow and blue are examples of these types of colors
Arts and craft store with 1,145 locations nation wide
Paint brushes are sometimes made of hair from this animal, also verb for keeping something all to oneself
Name of business that has a mural on wall, painted by Kristel (2 wds)
Michael's favorite type of paint to work with, also known as neon
Kristel had the honor of visiting this artists home in France, and viewed his world famous waterlilly pond (last name only)
Phrase painted on Michael's "life journey" painting, 3 wds
Leonardo Da Vinci created the world famous portrait of what woman with a myserious smile (2 wds)
This phrase is used to describe color combinations such as Blue, Green and grey are examples of this calming colors (2 wds)
A paint paste that is made of ground pigment (2 wds)
Nationality of Picasso
Name of restaurant Kristel and Michael have visited to see art shows downtown