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Milelei's 1st Grade for County

Small round marks made on a surface with a pointed instrument
A marked path through a forest or mountainous region
To crush or grind food with teeth in preparation for swallow
The place a bird builds for laying eggs and caring for its young
To point something at an object
Being number one is a countable series
Tapering to a fine point
A specific word or phase that is used to refer to a person or thing
Any large seagoing boat
A hard protective covering of an animal
Turning up, loosening or removing soil or earth
A usually tall plant with one main woody stem and lots of branches and leaves
A large container in which people wash or soak themselves
A tool with bristles set in a handle that is used for sweeping, scrubbing, painting and smoothing
A vehicle used for transporting children to or from school
Expressed grief, pain or distress by producing tears from the eyes
Middle area
A cleansing agent that is used for washing something
Very little
A usually flat piece of hard clay, stone or other material used for roofs, floors or walls
To clean something with water or another liquid
A tube use for sucking up a drink
To be correctly adjusted to or shaped for someone or something
A number of objects in an orderly series
Not shut
The organs of hearing and balance in mammals
To begin
Fluid rock that comes out f a volcano or from an opening in the earth's surface
Overly difficult to please
The raised flooring in a theater or auditorium where people put on performances
The food eaten at a particular time to satisfy hunger
Put in a place you don't remember
A situation requiring investigation or action by the police or other agency
In an unhappy manner or way
A ferocious legendary animal usually of great size
A sharp, usually curved nail on the toe of animal
A part of the inside of a building usually divided from other areas by walls
To go from one side of something to the other side
An important food used especially as a spread on bread and in cooking
The hard parts of the skeleton or a vertebrate
Held within the arms
A game in which small pointed missiles are thrown at a bull's eye on a target
Wonderful, admirable
To try to get information about a country or people without them knowing
To feel like you must have or do something