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Flower Lures Flies With Smell of Honeybee Fear

Phermones are released by alarmed western________ during a predator attack.
The Flies eventually escape about a day later, once the flower _________.
Certain Plant species Lure potential _________ with false promises of sweet nectar.
The Flower ________ the chemical signals, or phermones, released by honeybees during a predator attack.
A flower in South Africa catches Flies with _______, or in this case the smell of honeybees.
The flower catches ______ f which are strongly attracted to a mixture of these fragrant compounds .
The research team compared the compounds that make up the flower's _______ with the phermones by the bees during simulated attacks.
The insects help the flowers of the plant to become ________through this transfer of plant pollen.
Before the flies have a chance to wise up to the trickery, they become trapped inside the_______.
Flower species lure insect pollinators with false promises of sweet nectar, sex, or even _______Flesh.