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Bible Quiz

Was a judge and a Nazarite
One of Jehovah's titles
Applying this aspect of Jehovah's spirit will help us make less mistakes
When greediness has as its object that which belongs to another, it becomes this
Jesus used this term when addressing woman who touched fringe of his garment
One of Jehovah's titles
He said "Here I am send me"
One who is in charge of a household
This word in bible refers to the crocodile
Time period we are living in
He told Job "For a certainty, God does not act wickedly. The Almighty does not pervert judgement"
He is called the father of all those having faith
Was King Hezekiah's steward
Bible book that says I am Jehovah, I do not change
Name of person whose ear was cut off by Peter
Greek word literally means calling to one's side
Term refers to a brazen disregard for Jehovah's standards
One of Jehovah's titles
This negative trait comes before a crash according to the bible
Bible book that says there'd be a famine for hearing words of Jehovah
Strengthened Jesus while in garden of Gethsemane
Wrote the book of Acts