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Merry Christmas Steve!!

Author: Scooter
The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are connected by the ______ ______
Your oldest daughter
Who brought ice skating to America
Famous mountain in Alaska
Mount McKinley is located in what National park
This town was named Whatever town for a brief time
An optometrist examines your eyes, a gynecologist spreads your?
Home to old faithful
Their mascot is named after a famous condom
Big reservoir near Gunnison
Our next hut trip
Tallest mountain in Europe
Tallest mountain in Canada
This continent is described as a desert landscape because of its lack of precipitation
The heart is divided into ___ chambers
Tallest mountain in Africa
Where is the tallest freestanding structure in the world
Home to Yogi Bear
Tallest mountain in Asia
Your wife's daughter's grandma. (on your side)
Great place to see an outdoor concert
What is the nickname for Terrence Knighten of the Broncos?
What types of exercises require lots of oxygen
What fell on Isaac Newton's head
What is the smallest particle of an element
If you had your wife's last name what college team would you be the coach of?
This war lasted 8 years from 1775-1783
If it was up your ____ you'd know!
Tallest mountain in Antarctica
Colorado's northern most ski area
Tallest mountain in Australia
Bend your knees when you ski on these
This is one of the five great lakes
This person's first name is of Assyrian origin and means-HIGH
Largest bone in your leg
Your youngest daughter
Your better half