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This rule of government means rule by one
Rule by the few rich
This league was formed by Athens as a defensive alliance
Strait between Europe and Asia Minor
Brought democracy in Athens to it's fullest measure
Rule by the "best"
War between Athens and Sparta
Age between Alexander's conquest and the Roman Empire
King of the Greek gods
Greek god of the sea
Greek gods supposedly lived on this mount
Bad, one-man rule
Plato's most famous pupil
Earliest civilization in Greece
Greek god of the moon
"The Great" Son of Phillip II; conquered Persia
Ancient citadel built upon a rocky hilltop
Lover of wisdom
Writer of the Iliad and the Odyssey
Famous Greek city
Narrow mountain pass in central Greece
Most famous building on the Acropolis of Athens
Famous Greek philosopher
Famous games started here in 776 B.C.
Greeks were descendants of his son.
King of Macedonia who conquered most of Greece
His laws introduced democratic principles to Athens