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Joseph Smith

Where did Joseph go to pray?
Which church was Joseph told to join?
Where did Joseph's family move after Vermont?
What year was Joseph born?
Who was Joseph's mother?
What happened as Joseph began to pray?
Who is in charge of the darkness?
Satan is real and wants to ________ the work of HF and Jesus.
Who is in charge of the light?
What month was Joseph born?
How many children where in the family?
Who was our 1st president of the church?
What State was Joseph born?
What action is stated in the scriptures if you have a decision or question?
Who was Joseph's father?
If we pray with a sincere heart, HF will ________ our prayers.
Who is HF son?
This is my beloved son (2 words)
HF's power is ________ than Satan's power.
How many personages appeared to Joseph?