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Geometry Project

A location
All points between two given points
What angle is 90 degrees
Points on the same line
A polygon with 3 sides
The absolute value of th difference between the actual measure of an object
The total amount of space enclosed in a solid
The ratio of the absolute error to the actual measure
Represents the accuracy of a measurement.
Type of angle that has two angles that lie in the same plane with common endpoint
The common endpoint is...
A pair of adjacent angles with common sides that are opposite rays
The point on the segment that divides the segment into two congruent segments
If you choose a point on a line, that point determines exactly two rays
A boundless, 3-d set of all points.
Made up of points has no thickness or width
Formed by two non collinear rays that have a common endpoint
Lines in 3 dimensional space that do not intersect and are not parallel
Depends on the smallest unit available
Points that lie on the same plane
A polygon with n sides
Methods of creating geometric figures without measuring
Any segment,line,or plane that intersects a segment and its midpoint
An angles of less than 90 degrees
Point, line, and plane
Has two endpoints
Angles with two non adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines
What type os angles is 90 degrees
Angle that is larger than 90 degrees
A part of a line with one endpoint
Flat surface made u of points
Rays are called...